SHK : SHK is abbreviated for shank diameter and is the nominal size of the shank which should match the collet size of the spindle the tool will be used in. SHK has tolerance in the ten-thousandths of an inch or .xxxx decimal places.

CEL: CEL is abbreviated for cutting edge length and is the maximum thickness of the material it can cut. CEL has a tolerance in hundredths of an inch or .xx decimal places.

OAL: OAL is abbreviated for over all length and is the total nominal length of the tool from end to end. OAL has a tolerance in hundredths of an inch or .xx decimal places.

CED: CED is abbreviated for cutting edge diameter or the width of the cut the tool should make through the work piece. CED has a tolerance in thousandths of an inch or .xxx decimal places.

Tool Material: We use the finest carbide and steels in our cutting tools to ensure you get the most productivity out of your OC tools.

HSS: High Speed Steel, typical applications in Non-Abrasive Plastic, Solid Wood & Aluminum where keen edges perform best.

Carbide Tipped: Used for a variety of applications in composite woods, hardwoods, abrasive plastics and composites plastics to hard aluminum. Limited by geometry in some applications due to the brazed nature of the tool.

Solid Carbide: Typically used for widest variety of applications including man-made board, solid wood, abrasive plastics, and some aluminum's. Major advantage of high feed rates in Solid Carbide tools allowing better throughput on machines than PCD or straight inserts typically. Solid tools also have major edge keenness advantage thought only possible in HSS until a few years ago.